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Our culture says adulthood is the right to consume alcohol, watch “adult” movies and use “adult” language.   We have an entire culture of young people that crave significance, yet live in a time of confusion, violence and immorality.  How do they find their way out of “teenage never-never land” to become Godly adults, able to lead the church of the future?

There is an astronomical amount of young people leaving the church in their high school and college years.   They deem the church as irrelevant and never connect with their local body of believers.   Some return to the church when they have children of their own, but many never return.


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Yet it is common throughout the Bible for people to receive their life calling and accomplish great things for the Lord while they are in their teen years.  It is clear in Scripture that young people are a vital part of the church’s present and future effectiveness.

How can we connect our young people to the church body in a significant way?

How can we help them become strong leaders that walk in confidence as godly adults?

At A CHOSEN GENERATION, we are committed to helping your church do just that!


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