BASIC Training –

Building And Sustaining Integrity & Character
Assisting schools, communities and organizations with character development for the next generation.

Public schools are America’s hotbed of controversy– the statistics about violence, sex, gangs and drugs are startling and depressing. The schools have become lively discussion forums for every kind of philosophy except Christianity.

Entire communities have lost sight of their values and haven’t effectively passed them on to their children. Christians often feel powerless to do anything about it. But is it really hopeless? Not in God’s eyes! God is opening doors for values and character training by A Chosen Generation all over the nation. Through our BASIC Training program, students are hearing the message that they have value and are given hope for the future. They hear that most people thrive on their reputation, but it’s really integrity that will make one great.

Students are challenged to take responsibility for their choices and personal character development.
“No matter how bad the world seems to be, you are our hope to change that. You are the hope for the future, for this community, for this state and for this world.” (A Chosen Generation President, Chuck Stecker, in a recent address at a school

The purpose of the BASIC Training is to teach and challenge students to take responsibility for the development of their own character and moral worldview. This is for students fifth grade through sophomore year in college in public and private schools, detention, and rehabilitation centers. The teaching can be tailored for a large assembly or small informal class setting.