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REV. CHUCK STECKER, D. MIN, PhD                                                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND FOUNDER

Dr. Chuck SteckerRev. Chuck Stecker is the Executive Director and Founder of A Chosen Generation. Chuck is an ordained minister of the Gospel with the Evangelical Church Alliance and has earned a Doctorate of Ministry specializing in Christian Leadership. As an Army Lieutenant Colonel, Chuck served in various key leadership and staff positions, including 3 years on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. Chuck has served the Lord in the local church in various ministry and leadership positions After his retirement, he served with Promise Keepers for three years as the Regional Director of the South-Central Region. In 1997, Chuck launched a ministry, Mission Capable Men, and then A Chosen Generation in 2000.

Chuck uniquely combines several years of business experience, 23 years of military service and over 13 years of full-time ministry to bring forth a clear strategy to equip, train, empower and release a new generation of leaders. He has a passion to see churches return to truly intergenerational communities and develop the clear pathways that keep young adults actively connected to their churches and see them develop into the leaders that will impact every area of our society.

His clear vision and leadership teachings have impacted churches, schools, the military and businesses all over the country and as well as other nations. He is able to boldly challenge men and women of all ages to develop strong moral character and give them principles that they can apply to their lives to become spiritually mature and responsible adults. Chuck has spoken to audiences across the nation and around the world on various subjects including Strategies for Intergenerational Ministry Developing, Becoming Strategic Leaders, Rites of Passage, Mentoring/Coaching, Ministry to Men as well as Character and Integrity Issues.

Chuck has recently written a book for parents and leaders about Rites of Passage entitled Men of Honor & Women of Virtue, Raising Kids to Keep the Faith. In addition, Chuck has authored several articles and was a contributing author to Effective Men’s Ministry: The Indispensable Toolkit for Your Church. Chuck has taught at Denver Seminary and Christ for the Nations Institute.

Chuck and his wife Billie make their home in Littleton, Colorado and are a vital part of their home church, Grace Community Church. They have three grown children, three incredible granddaughters, and an amazing grandson.