Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Seminars
“Life-changing teachings on Godly Adulthood”

WE DON’T HAVE TO LOOK FAR TO SEE THAT OUR CULTURE IS FILLED WITH NEGATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE MODELS OF ADULTHOOD. “Adult movies”, “adult language”, internet pornography, violence, teenage sexual immorality, alcohol and drug abuse are only a few of the ever increasing, very distressing “adult” issues that young people face in today’s culture. These issues point to an even deeper problem emerging in our culture. WHO CAN THE YOUNG PEOPLE, THE FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR NATION, TURN TO FOR CLEAR ANSWERS ABOUT THEIR IDENTITY AS ADULTS IN THE MIDST OF A WICKED PERVERSE CULTURE? Where can young people go to find relevant, vital teaching that clearly shows them what being an adult is truly all about? How can the church, the Bride of Christ, be the strongest voice in molding and teaching our young people as they become adults? Young people are leaving the church and finding “adulthood” through worldly experiences. The church needs to be the strongest voice in the life of a child to teach them what an adult is, and clearly mark their passage into adulthood through an authentic, life changing Christian ceremony. If we, as the leaders of the church, do not define manhood and womanhood for our next generation, a godless society will continue to do it for us. THE CHURCH MUST TAKE THE LEAD IN THIS CRITICAL AREA!

At a Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Conference, the staff of A CHOSEN GENERATION teaches young people, parents and ministry leaders exactly what the Bible says an adult is and when a child becomes an adult. Through a series of four teaching sessions, we address:

  • when a person becomes an adult according to God’s plan
  • the power of the Father’s blessing
  • the high value of young people and the plan that God has for them
  • the world defines adulthood by “rights” but God defines it by responsibilities
  • adulthood is a life long process of maturing that begins with the onset of puberty
  • God has set clear standards for adulthood in His Word
  • how to stand against the pressures of our confusing, destructive culture
  • how to serve in the local church and become a vital part of the Body of Christ as a young adult

All Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Conferences culminate in an exciting, life changing Rite of Passage Ceremony that takes place in their own church. Every young person is called out of their childhood by their parents, then blessed by their pastor and their local congregation. THE RITE OF PASSAGE CEREMONY IS ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT EVENTS A CHILD GOES THROUGH OUTSIDE OF THEIR INITIAL SALVATION EXPERIENCE. As they are confirmed as an adult in their church, by their pastor, parents and church leaders, they are forever changed and committed to serving God in their church, because it is the church that first acknowledged their significance and value as a young adult.
A CHOSEN GENERATION provides the speakers and all training and materials needed for the local church to host the Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Conference. The church pastors and leaders will be trained by our staff to host their first Rite of Passage Ceremony and the church will be given the materials and training to be able to repeat the rite of passage tradition every year on their own.

To schedule a Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Conference for your church, denomination or network, Contact Us through our web page or call the offices of A CHOSEN GENERATION at (303)948-1112.