For Pastors, Parents Ministry and Community Leaders

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THE ANCHOR POINTS SEMINAR provides the strategies and resources to leaders for intergenerational ministry.

Anchor Points is an 8 hour seminar designed for Pastors, Parents, Church and Ministry Leaders.






What you can expect to gain:

  • The importance of Strategy versus another Program.
  • The difference between Multigenerational and Intergenerational ministry.
  • The role of Mentors and Coaches.
  • The purpose and value of Rites of Passage.
  • Spiritual Maturity.
  • Why the church is lacking in Spiritual Continuity and how we can recapture it.
  • Why many churches are not making disciples.
  • Clear Strategies for all ministries to reach all generations.

*The seminars and training materials are non-denominational and non-gender specific.