That was the most uplifting and spiritual time I have ever had. I just can’t even put into words what this has done to and for me or my family. I would also like to add that my 13 year old daughter took her Bible to school today (the morning after the Men of Honor & Women of Virtue Seminar), so I asked her “Just wondering … what made you decide to take your Bible to school.” Her answer was “Mom it’s the right thing to do and it is time for me to make a stand on what I believe!” Thank you so much for everything again. –Michele Rasmussen, mother, St, Joseph, MO 

“What I really want to say concerns the way I have been thinking, or USED to think. It’s kind of personal but anyway… I used to be in a state of turmoil over whether or not certain things were right or “OK” to do before marriage physically speaking. But after I listened to your wonderful speaker I realized I finally knew the answer. The speaker said that “these things break God’s heart!” I never thought of it that way before. It’s like light has shined into a darkness in my mind that I didn’t even know was there. And the ceremony was more than I expected. Actually I didn’t even know at first there was to be a ceremony. It was wonderful to be greeted by the older church members and hear the words, “I love you” from someone I’d never thought would say that to me! Then I cried. It meant so much to me. I feel compelled to say there is written somewhere in the Bible that “when I grew up, I put away childish things.” I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’ve been doing that I don’t think a child would do and I now think more maturely. It meant alot to me what was said before and in the ceremony. I thank your ministry for shining an unexpected light into my life!” –Crystal Dawn Smith, Duncan Falls, OH 

“As the President of Cambridge City Schools Board of Education and as a former law enforcement officer, I would highly recommend any community join forces with A CHOSEN GENERATION and set the standards for core values for their community so that the example can be set for our youth, thereby encouraging them to stand by those same core values and continue it forever.” –Mr. Robert Rocky F. Hill, President, Cambridge City Schools Board of Education

We have been blessed this past year as we have seen fruit in the lives of these young men and women who have gone through the Rite of Passage. Long before you came we understood the need to minister to our young adults as adults but lacked the vision and plan to bring it forth. When we heard your message for the first time, we knew that the message was from God! –Beau & Jessica Thomas, Youth pastor, Lafayette, LA

It blesses me so much to know that the youth of this nation, myself included, is being prayed for and loved into Christ’s Kingdom! Man, Satan is on the prowl and we are his target. Many fall into his snare, but those who know the King of Kings are passionate believers. We are determined to never grow stagnant, and with every breath that we breathe, to be spent seeking to know our King!! –Sami Keen

Chuck Stecker was the best speaker I personally have ever listened to. He got through to me about things and I remember a lot of what he said. Mr. Stecker was extremely motivational and really knew how to talk to the students in a way that made them pay attention. –Penelope Meyer, Student at Granite City High School, Granite City, Illinois

“‘Men of Honor/Women of Virtue’ is like True Love Waits on steroids. It goes beyond merely teaching sexual purity and touches the issue of integrity in every aspect of life. Not only is this message uniquely touching the lives of this generation but is revolutionizing the way we see our responsibilities as Godly men and women. It will transition your church for the assimilation of scores of new leaders never realizing they were there all of the time.” –Darrin Hughes, Northwest Family Church, Lake Zurich IL

“The Rights of Passage have been a source of rich truth to Crossroads Ministry Centre. Having just finished our third Rights of Passage ceremony I am seeing great maturity in our youth. They are eager to serve the body as well as to accept the responsibility that comes with serving. As a result of their eagerness to serve, the church has had to be willing to make adjustments to enable the young adults to have room and opportunity to accept these responsibilities. I am also seeing relationships developing between our younger and older adults. The Rights of Passage have been an answer to my prayers that God would close the gap between the generations.” –Pastor M. Joseph Dugas, Crossroads Ministry Centre

“I sure do appreciate your seminar. I think it is one of the most important we’ve ever had!” –Ernest Martin, Elder at Family Life Church Layfayette, LA

“The impact (of A CHOSEN GENERATION) is that the youth of the church, who receive overwhelming and deceptive calls from the popular culture, are brought into godly adulthood through an authentic action of the Christian community.” –Marty Granger, President of Faith in the Family Int. and publisher and editor of The Big Picture magazine.

“A CHOSEN GENERATION represents cutting edge vision and ministry to one of the most needed areas in church life today…..raising a new generation passionate for Jesus Christ. Their unique approach to “rights of passage”….within the setting of the local church…. offers one of the most dynamic opportunities currently available to church leaders and their congregations. The loss of the emerging generation to contemporary church life must be reversed. The staff of A CHOSEN GENERATION are ready with practical guidelines and solutions”–Dr. Bob Grant, Program host KGFT 100.7 FM, KRKS 94.7 FM

“The teaching of A CHOSEN GENERATION has helped me to understand that only God can change a child into an adult. As a women’s ministry leader, this understanding has challenged me to broaden my focus to include all women, from age 13 and up, in an effort to respond to what God has already done in these young people. This change of focus has opened up an exciting new opportunity for the kind of discipleship among our women that is spoken of in Titus 2:4-5. I believe this will change the face of our women’s ministry more than any other single event in which we have participated!” –Beth Knox, Women’s Ministry Director at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Littleton, CO

“Chuck Stecker and A CHOSEN GENERATION are meeting one of youth ministry’s biggest needs – connecting young adults to their church for life. You can’t afford to miss his ground-breaking principles and high-impact seminars.” –Jeff Galley, Topflight Leadership

“A CHOSEN GENERATION has a new, unique approach to the minds, hearts and souls of young adults. The perspective is one that will transform your world, and leave you never thinking the same way again.” –Allyson Murri, 16 year old young lady in Littleton, CO

“I have on many occasions wondered when I would finally grow up and really become an adult. I also recognized that until I had taken this step (to receive the father’s blessing) I could not possibly guide my children when they reach this point.” –A father, Colorado Springs, CO

“I have definitely matured since my rite of passage. My parents trust me with the friends that I choose to hang out with and trust me in making a lot of my own decisions. I understand my responsibilities now in being a Christian adult, and therefore can follow them and grow in them.” –Gina Fasciani, 15 year old young lady in Littleton, CO

“My husband and I lacked the blessing of the Father in our own lives. During the Men of Honor & Women of Virtue seminar, we were able to pass into spiritual adulthood ourselves through the blessing of our pastor. There were some areas of my life I was still walking through with a child’s mind; some areas of bitterness, resentment and rebellion. Through the seminar, I was able to learn and experience things I wish I had as a young woman. I’m hoping the powerful experience of the Heavenly Father and the release from their earthly parents blesses our girls beyond measure. They walk in a different light now after the rite of passage weekend. Our relationship has changed. There is a sense of honesty and purity about them and a willingness to share without condemnation. There is a maturity and level of trust now that we did not have before.” –Beth Pullol, Mother in Littleton, CO

“Rite of passage continues to be a success here. Our young adults are serving the body in growing numbers.” –Youth Pastor, Lafayette, LA

“It was an exciting moment! We (the youth) were in a different room while the rest of the congregation stood in the sanctuary performing the ceremony, one youth at a time. As soon as I walked in the room, the whole congregation was making a human corridor down to the front of the sanctuary. It was an opportunity to hug every member of the congregation. Once I got to the center, I saw my dad standing next to my pastor. I kneeled down in front of my pastor and agreed to the principles of being a man of honor. For as far back as I can remember, I have never seen my dad in church until that moment he placed his hand on my head and said a prayer over me.”
–T. J. Welch, 18 year old young man, Tioga, LA

“I think that my relationship with God has changed. I feel myself wanting to get more into praise and worship. I find it easier to talk to Him alone without feeling weird. I figured out that now my parents can not be blamed for my wrong choices. The week after I went through rite of passage, I had a teacher ask me why I was acting so different. I told her and she was thrilled. I love knowing that I am a young adult that can make decisions for myself and can’t blame others. I cannot wait until my sisters go through this too. It is truly exciting!” –Jordan Stiller, 15 year old young lady, Denver, CO

“Hi!! This is Leah from River of Life. I just wanted to thank you!! My days have been better since I laid it all down at the alter. So, I just wanted to thank you!! Thank for coming to our church and thank you for helping me!!!” –Leah Braaten, Kansas City, MO  “A Chosen Generation has been raised up as a voice to this generation. The timely message that God has uniquely chiseled them to bring will impact eternity. As the Body of Christ realizes its responsibility in Godly manhood and womanhood and then begins to assume that responsibility, Hell will be razed!” –Darrin Hughes, Northwest Family Church